Top 10 classic hairstyles that are popular in Europe and America

Most boys think that dressing or hair style is not something that a boy should do, but from various examples, in fact, the bonus to a person’s appearance is very high. I want to ask you how to clean up a boy and let him. Become less decadent at least.

Therefore, hairstyle plays a vital role in improving the appearance of boys. In order to add points to your own beauty, I will introduce you to the top ten classic hairstyles.

1. Under Cut

This hairstyle is the hottest one at the moment. The bottom cut boys hairstyle is to shave the hair on both sides or back to a short length, while the hair on the top of the head is kept longer, it looks super cool and stylish! All-match handsome, short rolls can be controlled, suitable for any man.

2. Man Bun

This very domineering hairstyle is a challenge for boys. Boys with long enough hair are very suitable for wrap-up hair styles. All the hair is tied back to reveal a refreshing forehead and an artistic male charm.

3. Slicked Back Undercut

This is to shovel the left and back hair. It is suitable for friends who want to keep the oily head, but don’t want to keep it simple, but also want to keep the shaved edges. Even if they go swimming, they will look good after wet hair.

4. Top Knot

Comb your hair all over the top of your head and tie it into a bun. Very elegant, and concise and capable.

5. Side Part

The partial fashionable boys hairstyle modifies the face, revealing a clean and refreshing feeling on the forehead. It is a very traditional and fashionable boys hairstyle.

6. Pompadour

Because of Beckham’s personal power, this hairstyle has become popular again. This hairstyle has more hair at the top and less hair as you go back. Need to pay attention to the amount and build of top hair.

7. Short and Tight

Not every boy is suitable for retro hairstyles, if you want to be low-key, this kind of hairstyle is just right. Only the hair on the top of the head is left, and the other shoveled and shortened shapes are more mature and charming for boys.

8. Angular Fringe

He is a current fashion model who is passionate about hairstyle style, keeping one side of the hair long and angled. No matter how you look at it, it is stylish and handsome, especially suitable for round-faced boys.


This kind of gross head is actually similar to the nose of an airplane, and both sides are leveled. But this one only leaves the hair on the top of the head and uses a texture perm method to make the hairstyle fly out and cool.

10. Long hair

Due to the star effect, this boys hair has become very popular. It’s just a little tidy, and it’s very cool.