The latest popular men’s short and medium hair styles in 2021

Men’s new popular short hair style design, thick oblique bangs to create a small face effect, if your face is relatively long, you can try this hairstyle.

Men’s hairstyles that have been very popular in recent years are inseparable from bangs. Bangs are not only a magic weapon for girls, but also a must-have for many boys.

Natural perm hair, bangs let you show the charm of men, large oblique bangs are always the focus.

Men’s new popular short hair style design, want to become a boy version of loli, refreshing blockbuster oblique bangs + playful short hair, easily become a fresh boy.

Men’s new popular short and medium hair styles, super short hair, simple hairstyles, simple designs, no complexity, only simplicity.

Short and medium hair styles are newly popular for men. For boys who like long hair, they can perm their hair to generate hair. The messy and decadent hair style is also very good.

This linen medium-length broken hair, the hairstyle is a bit oblique punk, super cool and super powerful, even with the most common white shirt, it can’t resist the trend of the hairstyle.

This medium-length hair has always been the favorite of trendy men. It not only highlights his handsome side, but also has a full sense of handsomeness. It is suitable for sunny and handsome young boys.

This fluffy and handsome hairstyle is only suitable for boys with good-looking cheeks. The long covering bangs will highlight the facial features to the greatest extent. Light brown dyed hair adds warmth and sunshine, handsome and individual.