The difference between American oily hair style and British oily hair style

When you actually walk into Barbershop, you will find that it is essentially different from the barbershop you have been to before. The purest Barbershop is different from the moment you enter the door. It is retro and stylish, with sofas, bar counters, and ashtrays. The Barber workbench is equipped with retro knives, clippers, hair oil and hair spray combs, which seem to bring together the thoughts that people know about the retro trend without losing harmony.

The relationship between hair stylist and customer is a hazy and mysterious relationship, indestructible and fragile. Finding a hair stylist who can communicate normally is no easy task. After all, “cut a little bit” is an obscure concept. The reason why Barbershop can attract loyal customers lies in its cultural reflection. Barber and customers can be friends and can talk about everything, so they understand the needs of their friends better, and then use their fine craftsmanship to pass the temperament and personality of their friends. The shape is reflected.

Many people’s concept of haircuts is still about losing unwanted hair and controlling the length. Barbershop haircuts pay more attention to details, paying attention to the shape of the customer’s face and the control of the density, shadow and line of the hair. You may not be able to imagine that one side hair can have 12 layers of gradients or more.

Some people say, is it necessary? Isn’t it just a haircut? Then I can only say that you have no pursuit. Fashion not only belongs to women, hair style is very important to men, and there are many people who agree with this concept…

In fact, oil heads are divided into American and British styles. Barbershop is also divided into American BarberShop and British Barbershop. How to distinguish?

American Barbershop: The oil head style tends to be a slightly ostentatious street fashion. The style of the store is mostly post-modern.

British Barbershop: The oil head style tends to be a gentleman’s implicit business fashion. The storefront style is mostly European retro style.

It’s like you choose to drink beer or foreign wine.

The popularity of men’s oil heads has once again set off the retro and fashionable Barbershop. The tonality between traditional gentleman and street fashion, which one of beer or foreign wine is your favorite?