French perm that girls must try in winter, it’s so beautiful

Suitable for girls with low hair volume and flat heads~~

Not only does it show a lot of hair, but it also makes the hair naturally fluffy from the roots. The fluffy feeling is full, so that the overall hairstyle is full of air and vitality.

The lazy and natural French curly hair looks very gentle and elegant~~ At the same time, it can also modify the face and highlight the delicate features~

Make facial lines more three-dimensional and clear~~

At the same time, it also makes the whole person very temperament~~

Calculated French curls are more suitable for the general public than wool curls. It is also more age-reducing and tender, and it will not appear old-fashioned at all.

The style is more changeable, it can be sweet and gentle, but elegant and elegant.

Girls with short or medium curly hair can do this, it’s better to wear clothes in winter

Sweaters and sweaters can be matched, very retro style