European and American hairstyle female medium long curly hair

Everyone knows that because of cultural differences in different countries, people’s aesthetics will also appear different. Japan and South Korea are popular with refreshing and cute hairstyles, while more people in Europe and the United States follow the simple and elegant line.

In fact, the common European and American style long hair hairstyles mainly include: perm, medium and long curly hair, medium and long curly hair, chaotic medium and long curly hair, medium and long wavy curly hair, personality medium and long curly hair, egg-curly medium and long hair, Partially divided into medium and long curly hair, medium and long curly perm.

European and American style curly hair

European and American curly hair will trim the hair a little bit. When a light breeze blows, the hair will fly with the wind, which shows that the whole is elegant and flexible. It must be said that such a brisk styling will really make girls have a relationship with each other. Different temperament.

Medium and long curly hair

Medium-length and medium-length curly hair is a basket of extremely foreign and white hair color, which not only promotes the whiteness of girls’ skin, but also shows that girls are lazy and have a mid-naughty feeling, especially when the hair is shining in the light. Luminous, not only elegant, but also age reduction.

Confusion medium long curly hair

Girls’ hair is soft and smooth. They perm their mid-length hair into a large arc, and use different hair colors to transition naturally. This gives the overall shape of the patient a sense of hierarchy, which shows that the patient is decent and generous. Especially under the action of wind, the long hair will be slightly curled, with a sense of chaos, which can create a lazy and charming temperament.

Medium and long wavy curly hair

The long hair has wavy curls, and the thin trim is dynamic and beautiful. If the girl’s face is already petite and exquisite, it will make the whole person look full of western style. This hairstyle is very suitable for girls with low hair volume. Not only does it highlight the stature, it will not feel heavy, and it will be more feminine.