9 hairstyles for men to look young

Hair style is very important for every man. Men’s looks are generally supported by hairstyles, because we can’t do makeup or plastic surgery. We want to be handsome. Apart from changing our temperament when we wear it, we can only change it by hairstyle. Image too. After a man is over 30, he will gradually mature in appearance, but it is definitely not greasy. The age of 30 is still very young, but when choosing a hairstyle, you should not be too naive. Only by leaving some hairstyles that suit your age can you truly show your cool.

Men are over 30 years old, their hairline generally hasn’t receded, and their hair volume is still relatively large, so we can cut some special hairstyles according to our own preferences. For example, this three-sided haircut is particularly capable of showing masculine charm. Use clippers to push all the surrounding hair clean without leaving any roots. The hair in the middle can be combed up with a comb, and then poured back, it will look very neat and square, and the man’s tough charm is well displayed.

This three-sided styling is not always the same. We can be flexible and use clippers to cut the hair out of different effects, which is also a good choice. Cut the hair at the back into an inverted triangle, which looks more fashionable and individual on the whole. Walking on the street, the rate of return is definitely leveraged.

Men’s three-sided light styling is mainly to ensure the refreshing feeling of the hairstyle. We can also deal with the details more delicately, which can make our image more handsome. The hair in the top area can create a sense of texture, and then the hair behind is cut to have a gradual effect, and the edges of the hair are carefully trimmed to make the whole person look cleaner.

Male hair is generally harder and thicker, so it’s more appropriate to cut the shape that needs to be replicated and supported. Men after 30 years of age can consider some lighter and familiar styles, such as this small airplane hair style. First, shave both sides and turn the top hair upwards. The overall look is particularly handsome and natural.

For men’s airplane hair type, the upturned hair can have a little curvature, or you can straighten it straight forward. This style will look more domineering and will prevent your hair from messing around. The style is absolutely beautiful of.

Of course, when men cut their hair, they generally prefer shorter styles. But if you simply cut it short, it will be more common. Therefore, we can try the above short perm. Cut the hair short first, and then perm the hair, which breaks the dullness by the way and makes your style fashionable.

Short perm hairstyles are very suitable for men over 30 years old. This hairstyle is particularly refreshing. The fluffy and textured top shape makes people look fashionable and energetic, without the feeling of an uncle at all.

The back hair style is also worth cutting for men in their 30s. He combed all the hair back and made a horizontal bar on the side. It looked very tough and handsome, full of sunshine.

Different from the traditional “back hair type”, the above two shapes have a more sense of design. The side bar makes people look younger, gentle and handsome, not naive. Men in their 30s are just right.