8 boys hairstyles that are suitable for students and office workers

Boys’ spring hairstyles can be cut more freshly to make their image look cleaner and more handsome.

The shorter a boy’s hair is cut, the cleaner his image will appear. When we choose a hairstyle, we can pick some particularly refreshing styling, such as the above-sized hair style, cut the hair on both sides very short, and reserve a little length of the middle hair, which looks particularly simple and handsome. It is also very convenient to take care of, and does not require a complicated process.

The inch hair style for boys is a more versatile style. No matter what stage your age is, and whether your face is round or long, the inch hair style will look no contradiction when you cut it. And boys’ hair is generally thicker, so this hairstyle is particularly suitable. The sideburns can also be trimmed meticulously, so that you will look meticulous and full of tough temperament.

Boys’ spring hairstyles can also be cut more youthful and full of youth, especially cutting some hairstyles that show your forehead, which will make your appearance more perfect. Like the above hairstyle, you can perm your hair a bit, then comb it on both sides at the three-to-seventh position. The hair on both sides is shaved. It looks very young and fashionable, twice as handsome.

This 3/7 distribution type with the forehead exposed, after many years of changes, the shape has gradually become richer. For example, the little brother above, permed his hair to get a sense of texture, and then use hair wax to shape the shape to create a particularly fluffy effect. It will look refreshing, and it will not be too sultry to have you, it is very springy. Freshness.

The young student party may think that the hairstyle with the forehead is too mature, so they will prefer the hairstyle with the bangs. Then we can leave an A-line bangs hairstyle like the one above, keep the bangs at the position of the eyebrows, then comb the “A” shape in the middle, and draw the hair to both sides. The hair on both sides is also shaved at the same time. The overall look is very handsome and younger. It is a must for young brothers.

The above Korean bangs hairstyle is also very good. The bangs are clipped out of the C-bend with an electric splint. The sides look like brackets, especially the style of a Korean male star. The overall look is quite trendy, wearing a white shirt, the whole person’s temperament will appear particularly fashionable and attractive.

For boys who like to be sexy, don’t miss this short, dirty braid hairstyle. Different from the common dirty braids, this short dirty braid hairstyle looks cooler and more handsome, and it is also more refreshing and clean. The hair on the top of the head has the effect of perming with dirty braids, the hair on both sides is shaved short, and there is obvious layering on the top area and the sides, making the boy look taller and handsome.

Of course, this kind of short dreadlocks is also required. Your hair should not be too thin, otherwise you can’t achieve this effect. If you don’t want to simply shave the hair on the sideburns, you can let the hairdresser shave more regularly, keep the straight lines, and make people look tougher and handsome.