8 beautiful American gradient hairstyles for boys

Share 8 good-looking American gradient hairstyles for boys. Gradient hairstyles, as the name suggests, refer to the gradation effect cut around the head, creating a sharp contrast in the volume of the hair, and the top hair can be kept long or cut short. American gradient hairstyles are stylish and distinctive, showing masculinity and extremely cool.

American high-gradient hairstyle, the side hair is shaved very smoothly, and the one-bar design with the towering shape on the top shows a masculine and masculine look. American gradient hairstyle for boys This American gradient hairstyle is full of three-dimensionality. The top hair is combed back to show handsome facial features.

The key point of boys’ gradual hairstyle is that the length gradually increases from bottom to top, and the middle can be kept long or cut short (to the inch).