6 best stylish hairstyles for boys in 2021

1: Exposure hairstyle

Boys want to make their facial features appear clearer and have a higher face value, so they should expose their foreheads. We can try this nice open-forehead hairstyle, cut all the hair short, and turn the bangs up, very refreshing and neat. Just cut the hair on both sides a little bit short, don’t need to shave too lightly, the whole looks very simple and handsome.

2: Partial distribution type

If boys keep a little bangs, they can make themselves look more fashionable. This hairstyle needs to cut the hair thinly, and then at the position of three to seven minutes as the dividing line, comb the hair on both sides to modify the face. The hair on both sides is shoveled clean, leaving no roots, the whole shape is more youthful and sunny.

3: Tin foil hot hairstyle

Many young boys like to keep some more individual hairstyles, such as tin foil perm hairstyles, many people will keep them. The tin foil perm hairstyle is indeed very handsome, but it has nothing to do with the “slag man”. This hairstyle needs a perm, which has the effect of perming the hair one by one. It is fluffy and natural, light and elegant. The overall look is particularly fashionable and cool.

4: Pot cover hair type

Generally speaking, students don’t like to show their foreheads, because that kind of shape will look very mature and will be mocked by other students. Therefore, this type of pot cover hair has become everyone’s favorite style. First, hollow out the hair on both sides, then cut the hair in the top area and thin it out. From the side, the whole shape is very layered, and the age is especially reduced, showing a sense of youth.

5: Hedgehog hair type

Boys’ short hair has always been a timeless look, of course, if it is cut too ordinary, it will have no personality. I suggest you try this hedgehog hair style. First, cut your hair very short, and the length of the hair on the sides and the top area is slightly different. For the hair on the top of the head, you need to use hair wax to hold the styling. The effect of pulling the hair out and stabs forward, looks very personal and domineering, and also shows the tough and handsome boys.

6: inch hair type

No matter how you cut a boy’s hairstyle, the most handsome one should be the one-inch hair style, and it will last for a long time. Although boys’ hair styles are similar in general, if you use different treatment methods in the details, you can also create a different handsome look. For example, this one-inch hair style, shave all the hair short along the head shape, the hair in the top area is longer than the hair on the sides, and there is a clear dividing line, it seems that the boy is more trendy and handsome.