5 stylish new year hairstyles for boys

In fact, although boys do not have as many hair styles as girls, there are still different hairstyles to choose from.

1: Small airplane hair type

Boys’ hairstyles, the cut effect must look clean and neat, in order to show their handsomeness. We can cut the above small airplane hair style to make our image more refreshing. The hair on both sides is shaved, the hair in the middle grows up, and all combed up, it is particularly fashionable and domineering. This hairstyle is more suitable for boys with thick hair, and it has a great support effect on the styling. Boys who like to be harder, might as well give it a try.

2: Side split back hair type

Many boys don’t catch a cold with the “back hair type” mainly because they feel too greasy. In fact, the “back hair type” is no longer popular in the 90s. Nowadays, the side split and back hair style has become a new trend. First of all, we must cut the hair short, and then comb all the hair back. At the position of three to seven minutes, the hair is pulled out on both sides, so that the whole shape It will look very design and stylish, without any greasy feeling.

3: Expose short perm

To say that the most confident style of boys is probably the hairstyle that shows the forehead. Boys showing their foreheads can not only show their clear facial features, but also create a refreshing image. Like the above, this short hair perm hairstyle with exposed forehead looks very young and temperament. Cut the hair short, the top area of ​​the hair will perm texture, but not too curly. The whole shape will be more handsome and unique, no matter whether your face is big or small, it will have a good modification effect.

4: Moisture bangs hairstyle

There is no need to stick to the rules for the boys’ styles. Many styles need to be boldly tried to find a more handsome self. For example, this hairstyle above has the charm of young boys. First, shave the hair on both sides short, and then leave the hair in the middle longer. The key is the management skills. We can spray some moisturizing spray to create a moist effect on the bangs of the hair, but also a little messy. The overall look is particularly fashionable and individual, young and handsome, and will not “hit the hairstyle” with others!

5: Haze blue pot cover hair type

Young boys don’t like to show their foreheads all over, because that would make them look mature. Therefore, everyone can keep this type of pot cover hair, which looks very handsome and ages. Haze is a very popular hair color this year. Boys who like to pursue individuality can also dye a haze blue look. It looks very cool, handsome and novel, and the whole person looks younger and trendy.