5 natural and handsome hairstyles that boys like

look1: airplane hair type

I have recommended many airplane hair styles to everyone, and I still want to share this style with you today. Airplane hair style is a particularly domineering style for boys. It is especially suitable for boys with thicker hair. The main purpose of this hairstyle is to trim the hair on both sides cleanly, and then leave the hair on the top area long and lift it up with wax. The whole hairstyle is particularly three-dimensional, and it directly shows the masculine spirit of the boys.

look2: exposed hairstyle

No matter how you cut the hairstyle of boys, short hair is better. Although the mid-point haircut looks more delicate, the answer is that it still feels too feminine, not able to show the real charm of boys. Therefore, we can cut a haircut like the above, cut the entire hair short, and then the length of the side and the top area is different, which can make the hairstyle more layered and look more sunny and handsome. .

look3: melon seed hair type

For younger boys, if you don’t like to show your forehead, you can keep a little bangs. Like the melon seed hair type above, it looks neither naive nor too mature. Trim the hair on both sides neatly, then cut the bangs short, and cut out a certain arc, it will look particularly handsome and age, creating a visual impression of perfect beauty!

look4: Heart-shaped bangs hairstyle

In addition to the melon seed hair style, we can also try this heart-shaped bangs hairstyle, which is particularly novel and individual. First cut all the hair on both sides to ensure the refreshing feeling of the styling, and then slowly cut the hair at the bangs into a pointed shape at the center of the eyebrows, which looks very cute and shows a sense of vitality.

look5: side split back hair type

Like the mid-distribution style, the back hair style is also a particularly classic hairstyle for boys. But the greasy feel of the traditional back hair makes many boys discouraged. In fact, the back hair type has undergone great changes after so many years of development, especially the side-divided back hair type, which has a particularly fashionable style and is more and more popular with everyone. Cut the two sides thin, divide the hair in the top area, and engrave obvious horizontal bars. It is very fashionable and full of temperament.