5 models personality handsome boys hairstyle

LOOK1: Airplane hair style + shaved on three sides

This airplane hair style is trendy and domineering, which is very suitable for boys who like to pursue individuality. The hair in the top area is slightly longer and can be cut into smaller pieces, and then it will be lifted upwards. The hair on both sides and the back are all shaved short, and the back can also form an inverted triangle, which looks fashionable and handsome.

LOOK2: Short bangs hairstyle + fashion texture

Boys can cut off their bangs or keep their bangs in their hairstyles, depending on whether they like to expose their foreheads. If you want to keep a little bangs, you might as well cut a short bangs hairstyle like this, which will be more refreshing and comfortable. The bangs are only retained to half the length of the forehead, and there will be no sultry feeling like the hair style of the pot. Then the hair in the top area can be used to grab some texture with wax, which looks more fashionable and attractive. The hair on both sides and back is trimmed clean, making the whole style more comfortable.

LOOK3: Back hair type + side partial points

The back hair style is still a very masculine style, no matter who cuts it, it will have a handsome and light familiarity. First, lift up all the bangs, and then use gel and comb to comb the hair sideways and back, creating a dividing line at the position of three to seven minutes. This fashionable and novel side-back hairstyle does not have the greasy feeling of a traditional big-back head. On the contrary, it is more fashionable and temperamental.

LOOK4: Hairstyle with exposed forehead + hair up

Bare-headed hairstyles have always been a hairstyle that boys should cut. Not only are they refreshing and neat, they will also be full of confidence after the cut. First turn all the hair up, be careful not to bend it back, but grab it forward with wax, and then use hairspray for styling. The side and back hair should be adjusted continuously according to the length of the hair in the top area, so that the whole hairstyle looks coordinated. The clear facial features are fully revealed, and his appearance also rises.

LOOK5: Inch hair type + shaved on three sides

Keep the hair longer in the top area and blow it up a little to give the look more design. Then shave all the hair on the sides and back to ensure that the hairstyle is fresh and not sloppy, handsome and fanciful. This hairstyle is more natural and versatile, suitable for most boys to cut.