5 European and American style boys hairstyles that can make you more handsome

1. Wavy back comb + side gradient

If you want to make this hairstyle more colorful, you can choose some highlight hair colors to add to it, and then use medium-length hair to form a light back shape.

Faders are used on the sides and back to create a gradual change from short to long. Then use a hair dryer to create a fluffy and vibrant look, and don’t forget to use matte wax.

2. Inch + side gradient

The cuntou style is more masculine, and the cuntou style is popular among men today when it is full of long hair.

This hairstyle increases the taper on the side and makes the hairstyle more layered. Whether it is formal clothes or casual wear, it can be controlled properly.

3. Business model styling

When it comes to business styling, you will definitely be associated with a suit and tie, and then a back comb like “The Great Gatsby”.

This year’s trend requires you to have medium-length hair, while ensuring that the back and sides are trimmed regularly.

4. Layered modeling of a bar

The most popular hairstyle this year is the side-bar hairstyle on the side of the “side part”, and more styles have been incorporated into the side part nowadays.

A bar is just a way to shape a hairstyle. How to make a bar change more effects depends on the imagination of the sportsman himself.

5. Messy back comb hairstyle

This hairstyle is a bit like Justin Bieber’s before.

This fusion of retro and modern hairstyles in the 1990s will surely become the favorite of boys again this year.