5 cool and clean “short sides” hairstyles for boys

1: Small airplane hair type

Boys’ hairstyles are easier to take care of as long as they are cut short. This short-aircraft hair type is not only easy to take care of, but also very tough and handsome. This hairstyle is mainly to shovel the hair on both sides directly and cut it cleanly. Then leave the middle hair a little longer, and use a hair dryer and comb to comb the hair forward to create an upward curling effect, which looks particularly domineering and handsome.

2: Frontal side distribution type

Boys’ hairstyles, if they can show their foreheads, will look particularly neat. Like the above hairstyle, comb all the bangs back to reveal clear features and perfectly show your masculine charm. The side part creates a partial effect, and the overall shape is more fashionable. At the same time, this hairstyle is also very friendly to boys with M-shaped hairline. The recessed places on both sides have become a very special design of this hairstyle, which is very beautiful.

3: Liu Haihai combed hairstyle

Some boys have thicker hair and tend to mess around with their hair. I suggest you try this bangs comb shape, which is especially suitable. First cut the hair on both sides clean, then comb the middle hair up, and at the same time grab a certain texture with wax, it is very handsome and stylish. Hair with thick and hard hair has a good supporting effect on this hairstyle. Spray a little hair spray to make you handsome all day long.

4: inch hair type

For boys, the right styling can improve their appearance, but when we don’t know what hairstyle is suitable for us to cut, we should consider some versatile styling. For example, this type of hair type, whether your face is round or long, and whether you are 20 or 30 years old, is very suitable for cutting. For the inch hair type, shave the hair on both sides, and then cut the middle hair along the head shape to a length of about 1cm, which is neat, refreshing and handsome.

5: Bullet hair type

Boys have a more versatile style, and this bullet hair style. Although it is similar to the inch hair style, it also has its unique charm. The bullet hair style is mainly to distinguish the hair on the sides and the top of the head. The hair on both sides should be shoveled, and the hair in the middle should be kept a certain length. On the side, it has obvious layering and looks more youthful and sunny. The personality is handsome.