5 best winter cool and glamorous hairstyles for boys

LOOK1: Natural short hair + push light on both sides

For boys in winter hairstyles, it is not necessary to keep their hair long. Some carefully trimmed short haircuts are also good choices. Many boys with softer hair don’t know what haircut is good. In fact, the natural short hair above is pretty good. We can directly cut the hair short, because the hair is softer, so the hair will not be messy, especially suitable for the winter season. Then I used faders to lighten my hair on both sides to keep the ears fresh and clean. The overall look is very natural and not artificial at all.

LOOK2: Irregular bangs + push light on both sides

Short hair is also a good hairstyle choice in winter, even if you keep a little bangs, you can create a more fashionable look. Of course, don’t keep the bangs like a lid, otherwise it will look dull and difficult to manage. We can cut the bangs shorter and shorter, and then use the hair clipper to cut the hair into pieces. It looks irregular. This will not look ugly, but it will be more fashionable and individual. Usually, we only need to ensure that the hair is clean. .

LOOK3: Expose the amount of partial points + push light on both sides

For boys with thicker hair, this is actually an advantage, because a little harder hair can support more trendy styles. For example, the above exposed hairstyle is very friendly to boys with harder hair. First, stand up all the hair, and then divide it into two parts along the direction of hair growth at the position of three or seven minutes. While exposing all the forehead, it also leaves a handful of bangs. It looks very handsome and natural, full of literary and artistic warmth. temperament.

LOOK4: Inch short hair + push light on both sides

Most boys go to the barber shop without knowing what haircut they should cut, and then let the barber help you. In fact, if you really don’t know what a good hairstyle to cut, it’s better to keep a short haircut, it will never go wrong. Inch hair style is a very versatile hairstyle, no matter whether your face is round or square, whether your hair is soft or hard, you can cut one. This hairstyle clearly shows the facial features, making people look very handsome and full of confidence.

LOOK5: hot curling hairstyle + push light on both sides

For younger boys, they may be more resistant to hairstyles that show their foreheads because they always feel too mature. If you don’t like the shape of your forehead, it is recommended that you perm your hair, so that you can retain your bangs and not be as naive as the pot-lid hair style. The overall fluffy feeling will not look too greasy. Both sides are also shaved with faders, and the overall shape looks neat and handsome.