5 best sunny and handsome hairstyles for boys

1: Small airplane hair type

When some boys cut their hair, they don’t think about styling at all, and let the barber do it, but in the end they are not satisfied. I suggest that everyone can let the hairdresser help you cut this small airplane hair style. Cut the hair on both sides clean, and keep the hair longer in the middle, and then use a comb to comb the hair up. You can use the hairspray to get a sharp shape. This will look particularly domineering, and it doesn’t feel greasy, handsome and perfect!

2: inch hair type

For example, this inch hair style can reduce your childishness. Cut all the hair very short, the side hair can be shoveled green, and the top area can be slightly longer. After the cut, it is refreshing and handsome several times, showing the charm of a trendy man. This hairstyle is suitable for boys of all ages to cut, whether it is a student party or office worker, you can keep one.

3: Small back hair type

If boys want to get rid of their childishness, they can also comb all their hair back to create a small back hair style. The back hair style has a more refreshing and handsome style. For example, if you cut your hair short and thin, and then turn your bangs up, the sides are also cut short. The overall look is lighter, less greasy, and a little more light and handsome.

4: Top combing short hair

The exposed hairstyle is a style that every boy should try. It can not only show his facial features clearly, but also reduce the sultry feeling on his forehead and make his forehead less prone to acne. Generally speaking, boys’ haircuts should be cut short, and the top hair should be combed upwards, so that the overall shape will look tougher and handsome, and the appearance will be doubled.

5: gradient short hair

Because of the heavy bangs, the hair style of the lid makes boys look very sloppy. After changing into short hair, it seems that she can instantly become energetic. For the short hair above, cut all the hair short first, comb the top hair naturally and blow dry, use different lengths of push sleeves on both sides to cut the hair into a gradual effect, it looks particularly refreshing and charming, and the sun is handsome.