4 super feminine hairstyles for big waves and curly hair

You only need to make the waves smaller, and then comb them on the shoulders to have a smooth feeling. The long curly waves and long curly hair are super good. The messy and fluffy curls hang freely, exuding a sense of romance and femininity. .

For the big wave perm, which once had an important position in the hairdressing industry, it has been found that the attractiveness is not as good as before. This is because nowadays hairstyles are changing rapidly, and various new hairstyles have been brought to the popular stage by celebrities.

The big wave is a classic and fashionable curly hairstyle. As the name suggests, the curled hair is shaped like a big undulating wave. Big wavy curly hair is very suitable for mature women, light mature women, charming and charming, exudes femininity.