12 sunny, handsome and trendy hairstyles for boys

Boys’ hairstyles either don’t cut, or they have to be cut handsomely. This kind of three-sided haircut with a tough personality is really not easy to see now, because now there are too many small meats, and boys’ hair styles are biased, and they are all very feminine. And boys who cut this three-sided haircut above can perfectly show their masculine temperament. Even if their looks are not that mature, they seem to be full of masculine charm, which is most suitable for boys to cut.

This three-sided smooth hairstyle for boys is actually an inch-length hair type. The length of the hair is cut very short, almost flush with the scalp. The advantage of cutting hair is that the shape is relatively simple, there is no complicated shape, it looks particularly pleasing to the eye. Secondly, because the hair is relatively short, it is very easy to clean and easy to take care of. For the handicapped party, this hairstyle is simply a boon.

Short hair styling is the favorite among boys, and it is also a styling that is easier to overlook. Many boys go to the barbershop, except to say “a little cut short” to the barber, everything else. In this way, the barber will find it difficult to understand what you really mean. In the end, he will only cut your hair according to his own understanding, and he will usually not be satisfied with the effect of the final cut.

In fact, we can have more communication with the hairdresser, tell the hairdresser our thoughts, or show him the pictures of the hairstyle we want, and the hairdresser will know how to cut it for you. You can show the hairdresser directly to these two handsome short haircuts. The hair on both sides is shoveled directly, and then the hair in the top area is slightly longer to create a handsome texture. The whole hairstyle looks tough and handsome, but also full of its own personality.

To say that boys have the most individual hairstyles, this gradual hairstyle is probably the number one. First trim all the hair on both sides, and then use the clippers to gradually cut the hair shorter according to different lengths, which looks particularly layered.

The hair in the top area can be kept long, and then use a comb to comb the hair, the whole shape will be more three-dimensional. For boys with M-shaped hairline, this style can be used to cover up their hairline, which looks perfect.

The side position is the most unique part of this hairstyle. We can ask the barber to help us draw some horizontal bars on the side according to our own preferences. It can be a straight line or an arc, so that we can make ourselves Her hairstyle is unique, and there is no possibility of “hit hairstyle”.

The small airplane hair style is also worth trying for boys! The hair of this hairstyle is relatively short, cut clean and neat, while being simple and handsome, it also guarantees a refreshing feeling on the head.

“Justin Bieber hairstyle” is also a kind of small airplane hair style. The difference is that the tip of this hairstyle is not in the middle, but combed to the other side. The whole hairstyle has the domineering style of airplane hair and the fashion sense of side-distribution style, which is particularly beautiful.

Boys with soft hair can actually try to keep this airplane hair style, but they need to use some styling agents. First use hair wax to style, grab the overall shape, and then use hair gel spray to style, so that you can look handsome all day long.

The tin foil hairstyle has been a hot style in the last one or two years. Boys with this hairstyle will look particularly handsome and young. Foil perm hairstyle is mainly to perm the hair into strands, and then cut the two sides short, adjust the length of the hairstyle according to the shape of the head.

The tin foil perm hairstyle can make boys look handsome and younger, and is more fluffy and refreshing than the pot-lid hair style, which is very suitable for younger brothers. At the same time, putting down the bangs can also cover your hairline. If your hair is thin or the hairline is too high, this hairstyle is also a good choice.