11 trendy short hairstyles for men

A man’s handsomeness is largely supported by his hairstyle. Men want to make themselves more attractive with their peers. In addition to dressing and matching, hairstyle is also very important. Although the hairstyle styles of men are not as much as those of girls, some basic short hair and styling that can be done with a little care can enhance the appearance of men.

If you want to make your hairstyle unique, don’t just let the barber “cut it a little bit” for yourself. A three-sided shaved look like the one above is a very good choice for men. First, shave all the hair on your side and back to create a gradual hairstyle. Then the hair in the middle can be left long and combed to the back. The layering of the whole styling is immediately created, which also looks full of trend.

The “three-sided light” hairstyle is a particularly refreshing styling. For men, this simple and clean styling best meets their expectations of the hairstyle. In addition to keeping the hair in the top area longer, you can also cut it shorter, and let the hair grow more naturally, the whole shape is not so exaggerated, and it is easier to take care of.

Men who like to pursue individuality can do more articles on their own hairstyles! The above model is still a “three-sided light” model, but different from the previous two models, this model has some straight-line patterns carved on the hair, which looks particularly tough and handsome, making its masculine charm fully manifest.

Men over 30 years old should pay attention to the problem of unmatched hairstyles. Generally speaking, when a man is 30 years old, his temperament will appear more stable. If he still cuts the shape of the lid, he will not match his age. Therefore, it is more appropriate to cut some exposed hairstyles. For example, the above hairstyle is simple but not simple. The hair on both sides is cut short, and the hair in the middle is combed upwards, revealing one’s clear facial features. It looks very handsome and attractive.

The most important thing for a man to expose his forehead is to expose his forehead so that the hair on the top area can be styled freely according to his own preferences. For example, this haircut hairstyle does not retain hair on the forehead, but lifts up the bangs and combs it to the other side. The overall shape will look particularly young and fashionable, without any greasy feeling.

If your hairline is relatively high, or the contour of your hair is ugly, you can keep a little bangs, but it’s not like the kind of pot-lid hair. It’s best to look like this short hair style above, shave all around and keep the hair in the top area a little longer, and then cut out a certain arc. The overall look is particularly younger and more handsome.

This hairstyle is relatively friendly to men with soft hair. It only needs to let the hair grow naturally. It does not require too much hair hardness to support, and it is more convenient to take care of.

And men with thicker hair can choose some tougher and trendy styles, such as this one-line hairstyle, which can make you a walking hormone after cutting.

The hair in the top area is combed sideways and back, and the side hair is cut to give a gradual effect, and then the sideburns are trimmed delicately with a razor. The overall look is particularly masculine and handsome.

Men also have a haircut that is worth cutting, that is, the back hair type. Of course, if I still cut my hair back, I’ll be out. Nowadays, the side back hairstyle is more popular among men, and the cut is more fashionable.

The difference between the side hair style and the traditional big back hair style is: the side hair style is combed the hair on both sides at the position of the three or seven boundary, and the shape is more designed. When men cut it, they don’t feel greasy at all, but it adds a lot of charm of trendy men.