11 selected boys hairstyles for 2021

If boys want to make their image clean and handsome, their hair should be refreshed and not too sloppy. We can try the above “three-sided light” hairstyle, shave the sides and back of the hair cleanly, without leaving a trace of roots, it looks particularly tough and handsome. The hair in the top area can be slightly longer to create a style you like. Like this hairstyle, you can use wax to grab some texture, which is particularly fashionable.

This three-sided light style can cut the hair very lightly, or trim the back of the head like this to create a sharp inverted triangle effect, which will look more individual. Then engrave two horizontal bars on the appropriate position to further highlight their charm.

Boys’ airplane hair style is also worth cutting in 2021. Although I recommend a lot of airplane nose shapes to everyone, I still feel that this shape is particularly handsome and does not feel outdated at all. Cut the hair on both sides cleanly, then use wax and comb to comb the top area hair forward, and then spray and shape with hairspray, you will be handsome all day long.

And boys who like to pursue a more extreme personality can also try the European and American style airplane hair style. Cut the hair on both sides into a gradual effect. The hair in the top area is left longer, and the hair in the bangs is combed into an upward curling effect. The overall fashion and atmosphere. Engrave another bar on the side!

Boys who don’t know what hairstyle to cut can try the inch hair style, this style is the most versatile, no matter how old you are, no matter what your face shape, you will not feel inconsistent when you cut it. For boys’ hair style, the main thing is to cut their hair short to make oneself look neat and tidy, and the whole person will look very energetic and double handsome.

Inch hair style is also a style that will not be outdated. When you enter the barber shop and don’t know which hairstyle to choose, you might as well cut a short hair style. You will find yourself more handsome.

Foil perm hairstyles are also a trend in 2021, and young brothers now prefer to keep this style. Perm the hair into strands, and then shave both sides, the overall feeling is light and fashionable, young and handsome.

This hairstyle will look more refreshing and clean compared to ordinary pot-lid hair styles. Because the hair is relatively fluffy, it will have a lot less stuffiness and keep it more comfortable.

For boys with rougher hair, Abei suggests that you try this side-back hairstyle. It will not look particularly greasy, and it will no longer mess around with the hair.

Then engrave a horizontal bar on the side to make the whole hairstyle look more three-dimensional, and at the same time enhance your masculine temperament, making people look tougher and handsome.

Boys with an M-shaped hairline are also particularly friendly with a side-to-back hairstyle. The recessed position in the hairline serves as the demarcation point of the hairstyle, which perfectly conceals its own shortcomings and shows more masculine charm.